Friday, January 27, 2012

Birchgrove - public domain project

Ballast Point Park - Walama in Birchgrove - image from landscape architects McGregor Coxall.

The delightful, and ever increasing number of love padlocks (or love locks) on the northern embankment.

Tank 101 is an artwork inspired by the site's historic use as part of Sydney's working harbour.  Wind turbines have been incorporated into the structure, along with a few lines of a poem by Les Murray cut into the steel.


Jim said...

Good shots at an amazing place.

Emma Dalloway said...

Hi Jim,

Given its location and harbour views, it is an impressive site.

I have to admit, I was there in the middle of summer in the heat of the day and felt it was all too stark with those massive concrete and rubble-filled walls radiating heat.

Im hoping the tree plantings grow quickly and provide us with much needed shade and interest.

The love padlocks that have sprung up are a healthy sign the community is claiming the space as their own.

Julie said...

The love-locks is an interesting touch. I wondered where in Sydney that would occur. Are there other sites of which you know? In Sydney. The ones in Paris are so much less stark and more romantic than those here. One could nearly figure, here, that someone has deliberately done the first 50 to give the idea a kick-start. I want ribbons, and underwear and that sort of attachment to have the place really reclaimed by the people.