Saturday, January 7, 2012


On the headland at sunset

Surf life saving club
Afternoon swimmer


bandit said...

Funny, I had a feeling you were up to something.

Now, might the folks in the first image be someone familiar? - At least I can imagine it so.

Emma Dalloway said...

Hey William - thanks for dropping by. Been missing my 'ku friends.

I was out and about taking photos along the coast with a friend.

bandit said...

i went back to school. Goin' for the big money - English lit.

Emma Dalloway said...

More power to you - thats great.

I see youve still managed to keep up HBS blog whilst studying. Youre a greater man than I :)

J Bar said...

Loving the new paint job on the SLSC.

Emma Dalloway said...

Doesnt it look spiffy! Positively glows in the afternoon sunlight.

Adelaide said...

Glad to have found you again. Love this beach photo, especially since it's below freezing here.


Emma Dalloway said...

Hi Adelaide - thank you very much for dropping by. Its been a cool summer but finally working up to hot days and noisy cicadas.

Below freezing? Really? I'll drop by your site - Im guessing you have captured some wonderful pictures of snow.