Sunday, March 11, 2012



Julie said...

Interesting processing to these. They look like they have been stored in an old Globite down the back of the shed, behind the sheets of corrugated iron that Dad found in the trip to the dump in 1979 but never found a use for.

The cafe shot is really good when enlarged. The processing extremely effective. Shame it has not been seen by more people.

Magyar said...

__Best wishes Emma, from an old friend. _m

the rust
paints this new to old
turning pages

Magyar said...
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Emma Dalloway said...

Hi Julie, Magyar

Julie - Im not spending enough time promoting this site so Im not surprised I have a limited readership.

So thank you both for visiting!

Oddly, my haiku site is still getting a huge amount of hits. I discovered the other day if you type 'haiku' into Google, Im the 10th link! Knock me down with a feather. Might go back and work on that blog.

Gillena Cox said...

relaxing is the activity therein; thanks for sharing with us

much love

Jim said...

Marvellous shots.